Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

? TNA house show business was described as being way up since January after drawing some bad numbers in November and December. Jeff Jarrett, Don West and Jeremy Borash are now running the shows. Jarrett is going to cities early and doing lots of media, while West has a mic with him and is based at the merchandise table before the show, during intermission and after the show with “Don West deals.” Merchandise sales are also way up, large in part due to West. There was said to be some concern that when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in that they would stop doing house shows after drawing bad numbers, but there is no talk about that right now.

? The scheduled “Hulkamania” DVD wrestling tour of Australia featuring Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair may never see a release. As noted earlier, the promotion ended up going bankrupt and Hogan wouldn’t agree to allow them to market the DVD until he was paid money he claims he is owed. The promotion declaring bankruptcy is why the scheduled TV airing of the Melbourne event never took place. This also squashes plans of the group touring China in the spring.

? Lacey Von Erich has opened a page on Facebook for her fans due to maxing out the number of friend requests she can accept on her personal page. She wrote: “I made an Official Facebook Fan Page, ran by me daily, starting now! 🙂 I have over 2000 people waiting for me to accept their friend request and I can’t bc of facebook! 🙁 It only allows 5000 people. So just “become a fan” and I’ll update it with wrestling stuff, and keep this one personal notes and updates. I love y’all!”