Will Bret Be Wearing The Pink & Black At WrestleMania?, Y2J-TNA

-- In an interview with EndOnline.com, Chris Jericho discusses the best characters in the WWE, comparisons between Fozzy and Nickelback, whether he feels a sense of accomplishment about being World Champion while beating TNA in the ratings, and much more.

-- United States and Unified Tag Team Champion The Miz will appear on G4's Attack of the Show Thursday night, March 25, at 7 ET/6 CT.

-- Bret Hart said in an interview this past week in Canada that he will not be donning his trademark pink and black tights for his No Holds Barred Match with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania. His reason for not wearing the tights is because he's not the Bret Hart of old and that it would be too much of a stretch for himself to wear them.

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