WrestleMania Kickoff Party, An ECW Reunion (Dreamer/Taz/Heyman)

The University of Phoenix Stadium sent out the following email to their VIP mailing list: We would like to invite you to attend the WrestleMania XXVI Kick-off Party at Westgate City Center this Friday! The University of Phoenix Stadium, the City of Glendale and Westgate City Center are presenting a FREE, Smackdown-showing, Superstar-appearing, autograph-signing, family friendly event to give fans their first taste of the phenomena that is WrestleMania. The WrestleMania Kick-off Party at Westgate takes place Friday, March 19, from 6-10 p.m. and will include an appearance and autograph signing by Superstar R-Truth, live entertainment, prizes, face painting … even a chance to win floor-seat tickets to the March 28 WrestleMania event at University of Phoenix Stadium. SmackDown will be shown 8-10 p.m. on the 30-by-50-foot Plaza LED screen. For more information on the event visit www.universityofphoenixstadium.com.

Tommy Dreamer posted the following on his Twitter (https://twitter.com/THETOMMYDREAMER), regarding a special ECW reunion that took place last night… I had dinner with Taz Bubba Paul Heyman yes it is true let the rumors start I cant believe I am typing this WE ALL PASSED ON DESSERT OMG WTF

Tim Johnson sent this one along: Stone Cold Steve Austin was on Loveline (Dr. Drew Pinsky's nationally syndicated radio program) last night, promoting the release of Damage. He was on for the full 2 hours but he only discussed wrestling briefly. When a caller asked him about his experience hosting RAW this week he said that it was a little weird trying to do his character in a PG world and that Vince was unaware that Austin would be drinking beer in the ring (though Stone Cold didn't know that until after he did it). Stone Cold participated in answering a number of odd "love" related questions but he did not discuss his personal life in any detail. I'm fairly certain that the show was broadcast live last night west of Colorado, but radio stations east of Colorado that air Loveline will broadcast Stone Cold's appearance tonight (generally that is how Loveline works). All in all, Stone Cold was pretty entertaining, but it was quite obvious during the discussion that his wrestling days are over and he is focused now on acting (not that anyone reading the site should be surprised by that). When asked if he will be ever returning to the ring, he basically said never say never, but he feels that it is extremely unlikely.

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