Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported earlier, Lance Cade was released again last week by World Wrestling Entertainment. He was re-hired this past October, but was conspicuously never used sans a one-off appearance in developmental.

The reason for his prolonged absence from both television as well as developmental was because he had asked to enter a rehabilitation facility after going through withdrawal symptoms from pain medication and couldn't sleep, which resulted in the former tag team champion being hooked on sleeping pills. He said in an interview last week with The Pro Wrestling Insider that Umaga who was his friend had passed away and he didn't want something unfortunate to happen to himself as well due to his addiction to pills.

Cade completed twenty-eight days of rehab three weeks before WrestleMania, and talked to his mentor, Shawn Michaels. During the very same interview, he claimed HBK told him "he's done" and added that if WWE ever brings him back, he'll never be a top guy.

During the interview, Cade expressed his displeasure with being let go by WWE as he couldn't understand why they would fire him for asking to go to rehab considering that everyone else is given an ultimatum to take up rehabilitation assistance or have their contract terminated. He felt he was doing the right thing by addressing the issue and asked to enter rehab, especially considering that his ongoing pill problems are a result of something that occurred inside their ring. He then said he doesn't want to be part of a company that says they want to help wrestlers with their issues, but then turn their backs on them when they ask for help. He also feels it sends a bad message to the wrestlers in the locker room that if they get injured and take time off, they'll lose their spot. Or, if they have issues with medication and ask for help, they'll be fired.

Additionally, Cade implied during the interview that there are top guys doing stuff much worse than he had done, saying WWE's drug testing policy "doesn't apply to everyone."

Cade was previously released from WWE on October 14, 2008. Jim Ross later stated on his official website that "he made a major league mistake while utilizing bad judgment" and that it was instrumental to his departure. J.R. also made reference to Cade having a seizure on a plane and needing emergency medical care.