Breaking News: Christopher Daniels Returns To ROH

Moments ago at the ROH PPV in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kenny King was in a match with Davey Richards. After the match, Kenny King refused to shake hands despite cheers from the crowd. Richards was interviewed after the match and put over ROH before saying how awesome he is and how he's going to beat Austin Aries or whoever he has to.

With that being said TNA's Christopher Daniels appeared complete with a Marilyn Manson entrance theme. Daniels then cut a promo and said he had a problem with what Davey just said. He told the people he wants to be the best in the world, but for 7 years he fought to keep the name Fallen Angel synonymous with Best in the World. He said after being held back he has returned to ROH to prove he is exactly that. He then challenged Davey Richards to a fight, and he doesn't care where or when. The crowd wants the match now. Daniels leaves.

This would seem to indicate that he's gone from TNA Wrestling. We hope to have more shortly.

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