Brian Knobbs Says TNA Hasn't Verified Firing, WWE Interested

Monday Night Mayhem radio with Brian Knobbs
Hosts: Big Mosh, Blade, Todd Vincent
Recap by Paterson from New Jersey
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The truth behind The Nasty Boys reportedly being released from TNA Wrestling: "Right now, no one has contacted me or (Jerry) Saggs. No one from TNA. I have talked to (Hulk) Hogan, and he has not verified whether we are not. Supposedly, we are still with TNA. Nobody hasn't told us anything yet. There's a lot of stuff going on there as you see. They went to Monday nights, they're trying to get ratings up, they're throwing a lot of stuff together right now, and right now we are in 'the limbo factor.' Nobody has told us that we are there or not there yet. I'm not gonna speculate like everyone else is on the Internet, and I'm not gonna throw wild stories out there like 'Brian Knobbs acted crazy to one of the executives at Spike, took his pants down, and ran naked across the pool at The Hard Rock.' C'mon, we know better than that."

The truth behind the alleged incident at The Hard Rock Cafe: "Let me put this into perspective. Something did happen two or three weeks ago, but I was there with Orlando Jordan's significant other and Ric Flair. Now you don't think that if I went crazy and we haven't been there in over a month, even if it was in February or January, somebody would have said or put on the internet because they are a bunch of fans in front of everyone? There are no private parties like they put on the internet. There was nothing like that. Every time we were through with a match, we went out for a couple of beers, and we were professional as hell. We were at the Hard Rock Cafe, and we were with everybody. So you don't think if we were acting like people are saying, it would have been on the internet the next day. Not when you hear The Nasty Boys are not there now, and this might have happened; that's all speculation, and it's a bunch of BS."

Knobbs' relationship with Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Dixie Carter when The Nasty Boys came into TNA and if it changed throughout their run with the company: "Let's face it. Me and Hulk are good buds, and we are always going to be good buds, but Hulk brought us in. Hulk asked me and Saggs, we did not ask to come to TNA. Hulk asked us to come help him out, and that's what we were doing. We were coming to help him out. We never went against Team 3D, and it was like a legendary match-up made in heaven, since they're crazy, and we're crazy. So we loved it, and said, 'Sure we'll come help.' Now Dixie Carter has always been nice to us, always a real sweetheart. She's out there doing a lot of things, and she always talked to us real nice. Eric Bischoff on the other never know. It's 50-50 with him. He's now running a lot of stuff again, so who knows...Between Hulk and Dixie Carter, there is no ill will, and I wouldn't think there would be no ill will between us and Eric, but you never know."

Was there any heat from the TNA locker room towards either Knobbs or Saggs: "Truthfully if there was, they never really showed it to me and Saggs. Everybody was great to us, and everybody showed us a lot of respect, and we do have a lot of friends down there too. Sting's a very good friend from many years, and Kurt Angle's a good friend. We had wars with Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) in WCW, so we have a lot of buddies down there also, so when came in, we fit right in. We never got into with anybody. We joked around...had fun. There was no ribs pulled or nothing like that. The old Nasty Boys didn't come out...that's for sure. As mind-bogging as it is to you guys, it's pretty mind-boggling to us."

Whether The Nasty Boys were contacted by the WWE prior to going to TNA or have been since their reported release: "We got contacted back in January. [WWE] called me and left a message to call them back, and they wanted to see what our status was in TNA. It was short and sweet, and they left a number, but I never did call it. I told Hogan they called us, and he said we should check it out, but I said right now, we're down here, and our loyalty is our loyalty."