Brutus Beefcake To TNA?, Dixie Carter-TNA, Kurt Angle's Future

-- TNA President Dixie Carter posted a message on Twitter asking fans to send her feedback about the TNA product. Carter wrote, "Lot's of new things happening at TNA and I know you have questions. Send me your question with your real name & city (no twitter names). Will post answers on TNA website starting later this wk. Only rule: NO profanity. Looking forward to it!" Visit to send in questions.

-- TNA star Kurt Angle posted a message on Twitter that he landed a part in a new movie about amateur wrestling titled "Beyond the Mat." Angle also said he plans to wrestle for a few more years while he continues to develop his acting career.

-- Right After Wrestling sent out the following: Brutus Beefcake: "When Hogan Calls me I'll be ready." Ed Leslie, known best as Brutus Beefcake, joined host Arda Ocal on the SIRIUS Radio 98 program "Right After Wrestling" heard Mondays from 11:05pm - midnight EST. On the program Beefcake talked about the possibility of joining TNA with his best friend Hulk Hogan at the helm, as well as expressing interest in returning to the WWE. You can listen to the interview at

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