Daffney Updates Her Injury Status - Details Inside Here

Daffney has posted a new blog entry, discussing her recent injury, here is what she had to say?

Hello Daffanatics!

Just wanted to write ya'll a note to give you a little more info about lil 'ol me. I know my injuries were reported as having a severely bruised sternum, and a really bad stinger (common wrestling/football injury) but I also had a minor concussion. Thankfully – the hit to the head was nowhere near as bad last October when I decided jumping in barbed wire looked like fun.

I sunset flipped my opponent but she stayed standing – then she sat down which caused the bruised sternum. Honestly, after that, I went into auto-pilot mode. I do not remember the rest of the match – even the finishing move (sitdown spinebuster) and the 1-2-3. You can ask any wrestler if they have finished a match while they were unconscious, and almost everyone of them will tell you they have.

Next thing I remember was Andrew Thomas (our awesome ref) saying, "Trainer!" He said I was laying there with my eyes wide open and asked me numerous times if I was okay – but I must have been in my own little world as I recall nothing of that.

When the trainers & everyone came to the ring, our TNA on site trainer came up near my head and I told him that my lower sternum hurt. I also told him my neck hurt – yet felt weird and it felt very warm. He then told me to go ahead and straighten my leg. From the hush that fell and tense vibe in the air, I said, " It's not moving, is it?" They all distracted me with other routine questions. A few minutes later he asked me to wiggle my toes. Same tense air that could be cut with a butter knife. Me: "They're not moving, huh?" The whole time I just stared straight to the top of the Impact Zone and prayed. Everyone around me was saying reassuring things so I just stayed still and answered questions. The next time I was asked to wiggle my toes, I could feel them going – and there was a collected sigh of relief. Stingers – (especially bad ones) can make you go numb for a short while – so once the sensation came back I kept praying, "It's just a stinger. And NO – my sternum/ribs aren't broken..." X-rays at the hospital showed just that. :)

Are you there God? It's me...Daff. :)

SO! Not much one can do for those injuries. A stinger is just VERY scary at first. Then your neck tightens up and is sore – so I have already begun some stretching. The sternum is a deep bruise. So that will just take a little while.... But ya'll know me...I'm a fighter!

Let me also take this opportunity to say how sorry I am to you, Angelina, for injuring your arm. I wish you a very speedy recovery and am SOOOO glad you won't need surgery!!!!

And to Gen AKA LuFisto. Please let's all pray for her. I didn't know about her stroke until I read about my own injuries and was completely shocked. I just saw her at the last Shimmer tapings and she was sweet, bubbly Fisto! I am sending positive energy to you, you crazy Canuck!

Scream on!

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