Episode 6 of Wrestlicious will be the final one for a while. Bite TV and Mav TV will be airing reruns over the next few weeks, allowing the syndicated stations that are currently behind the chance to catch up.

When asked about jobbing to Rob Terry, Tomko offered the following reply on his Facebook? Someone has to make him look good, I did it with Cena when he first cane to Raw, and you know how that did for for business, you need to know that the role I play in those situations benifits the whole company, and if Rob can keep the momentum, then it’s great for all, aka goldberg! Then later he posted the following? Hey guys and ladies, listen I am greatfull for your comments, but doing what I do is a job, and sometimes it envolves elevating others so that we all keep our jobs! If you truly follow my career you know I will shine when the time comes! Please Believe!

WWE is getting back to the mentality of recruiting standout athletes into developmental instead of just muscleheads with “the right look.”

The Georgia Dome in Atlanta might see two straight nights of WWE action next year. With WrestleMania 27 confirmed for the Dome, there is talk of having the next night’s RAW in the same stadium (with most of the upper sections scaled off, obviously). Next year’s Hall of Fame ceremony will likely take place at either the Phillips Arena or the Fox Arena.