Homicide was recently on the Busted Open satellite radio show, and did NOT hold back on his thoughts regarding TNA managementů

Does He Have Confidence In TNA Management?: "I have no faith in nobody. It's like somebody telling me every six or eight months they are going to give me a call and nothing happens... I want my money every Monday and we'll see what happens."

Who Is the Boss In TNA?: "Dixie is the boss. She'll say to bring in this guy or that guy, but I don't know who is the real boss. I don't know if it is Russo, if it is Hogan, or the jabroni security guards... I don't know who is my real boss."

On Backstage Politics In TNA: "There is a lot of political B.S. going on. I don't know what's going on. All I know is I am going to go out there, get paid, and take care of my family."

On Hulk Hogan's Locker Room Interaction: "Hogan does come out and talk to the guys. He spoke to me about where I came from, why my name is Homicide and why I have this character, and he loved it... I'm like 'okay, you like it, but do something about it.'"