Jack Swagger Comments On World Title Win, His Lisp, & More

WWE World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger recently spoke to Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun to promote Sunday's Extreme Rules Pay-per-view. You can read the full interview at BaltimoreSun.com. Here are some highlights of what Swagger said about:


How He Broke Into Wrestling: "I met Jim (Ross) halfway through my college career and he told me to get my degree, and then if I wanted the opportunity, to come talk to him. My whole last semester I was doing the graduation/job interview thing, which was very mentally draining. I had a job lined up with a finance firm in Dallas, and the day I was supposed to sign up and go to work for them fulltime was the same day I got the WWE contract in the mail. I had to call [the finance firm] and tell them that I was going to wear spandex and baby oil for a living."

His Lisp: "Oh sure, as a kid I was self conscious about it, but a lot of people tell me they don't even notice it. I'm sure it comes out here and there. First of all, it's a real disease. It's my cross to bear or what not. I'm joking around here, but at times I'm like, "Come on, this is a little childish." But at the same time, it's true so why not use it?"


His World Heavyweight Title Win: "It definitely was a whirlwind turn of events and I've been riding high ever since. In certain aspects it was surprising, but I felt like I had the tools and the skills to carry that championship and be a face for this company. To me personally, it wasn't that much of a surprise. It was just a matter of time, I felt. If you go back and look at WWE Magazine, they asked me when I was going to win my first world championship and I told them WrestleMania XXVI, so I was only a couple days off."