WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted a new blog entry at JrsBarBQ.com with a detailed update on his future in WWE. Ross recently signed a short-term contract extension and there’s been a lot of speculation that he’s either leaving the industry entirely or would consider jumping to TNA Wrestling.

Ross wrote:

“JR is NOT retiring. It’s tempting and financially doable but I want to work a few more years in a role that is fun and not as laden with stress as some of my previous assignments have been.

No I am not ‘vanishing.’ LIfe is so good here in Norman and I have a tremendous amount of things to look forward to although I know that I have not broadcast my last event. One doesn’t do something for over 35 years and stop cold turkey or at least I don’t.

There are no issues or problems with my negotiations with WWE. The ball is in WWE’s court to put together a new role for me within the company. Essentially they have decided to reassign me from weekly broadcasting and that includes the monthly PPV’s to focus on other areas of the company. I am guessing, and I stress guessing, that may be some form of scouting and/or talent development. I might be wrong on that assumption but I’ll know before the end of April as that is when my current extension expires.”

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