Matt Hardy Injury Update Inside, Y2J/Fozzy, Candice Michelle

-- Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle is auctioning off the jean outfit she wore when she teamed up with Cryme Tyme for a match on Monday Night RAW. You can view the auction at

-- Chris Jericho will be signing Fozzy's new CD, Chasing the Grail, this Tuesday at the Mohegan Sun Casino starting at 2:00 p.m. For further information, visit

-- Matt Hardy has been diagnosed with a deep bruise in his bicep muscle. It was originally feared that he had teared it during WWE's ongoing tour of Europe. He wrote the following on Twitter regarding the injury: "Thx 4 the well wishes on my arm injury, all are much appreciated! My bicep & shoulder muscles are deeply bruised & strained, but not torn. Haven't missed any of my matches or appearances, nor will I on this tour. I'm working in pain, but attempting to work as smart as possible."

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