Melina Confirms Mercury's Return, RAW Vs. IMPACT! Ratings

-- Both SpikeTV and TNA are well aware of WWE's three-hour draft special tonight and expect ratings to take a huge hit obviously. The Draft show is one of the biggest shows of the year for WWE. TNA management knows they don't have much of a chance against RAW tonight. TNA iMPACT! is also a taped show tonight. The hope is that the iMPACT! replay on Thursday will pop a decent rating.

-- Melina posted the following on her Twitter account last night: RealMelina RT @divadirt: "Mercury just returned during Rey/Punk match! --I'M SO HAPPY HE IS BACK. HE IS LIKE A BROTHER TO ME. I LOVE HIM."

She then followed up with: "HA HA HA. I am not even watching the PPV and you guys tweeted he was back and i thought it was true! what happened?!!!!!"

Of course, it was never revealed that it was Joey Mercury (it is) on the live broadcast so that second tweet from Melina is likely to cover her mistake by revealing that it was Mercury.

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