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— Today is former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page’s birthday. He turns 54 years old. Chris Kanyon was a longtime friend of Page as he worked his first retirement match against him in 2004. The two also worked directly alongside each other in 1999 as members of The Jersey Triad. Page commented on his friend’s passing on his Facebook page, writing: “Ok I’ve been a little over whelmed by the All the response and I wanted to THANK everyone AGAIN for the Birthday wishes and for you Condolences about the lose of my good buddy Chris Kanyon… He was a true friend and an amaZing worker in the ring… This week on “Wrasslin Wednesdays” I will be breakin…g away from the Macho feud to Honor Chris’s memory… DDP.”

— A number of media outlets are covering Chris Kanyon’s passing including FOX News,, CBS News and New York Daily News.

— The word amongst friends of Chris Kanyon is that an empty bottle of Seroquel was found near his body when he died on Friday night. This particular drug is used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. As noted earlier, his death is being investigated as a suicide.

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