News On Chris Jericho, Vampiro Goes Home, Lawler, Kanyon

-- Chris Jericho hosts the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, which air on VH-1 Classic on May 22nd.

-- On April 17th, San Diego's SoCal Pro Wrestling will run their third anniversary show. Scott Lost, Adam Pearce, The Ballard Brothers and others will appear.

-- The Net Newsledger has an article up on Vampiro returning to his hometown of Thunder Bay. He will wrestle there for the first time in his career.

-- The Minneapolis City Pages has an article up on the play The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.

-- Phil Muschnick wrote about the passing of Chris Kanyon, saying the following: "Another pro wrestler has died young of unnatural causes, 40-year-old New Yorker Chris Kanyon, of an apparent suicide by drug overdose. Kanyon (real name, Chris Klucsaritis) and two other wrestlers once unsuccessfully sued Vince and Linda McMahon's WWE for depriving them of health care and other workers' benefits."

-- Jerry Lawler did some of the art work for the second issue of Kevin Smith's Green Hornet comic.

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