Orlando Jordan's TNA Gimmick - What's His Goal?, & More

Out Sports has a new article up on TNA's Orlando Jordan, here are the highlights?

On His TNA Character: "My character in TNA is pretty eccentric. But, in pro wrestling, the first priority is to be on top of the sport. Behind the smoke and mirrors of the character's antics [and] his flamboyancy is a drive to be the best in the business. That's my goal."

On Being An Openly Bi-Sexual Character: "There's a very small percent of people who empower society on a global basis. Maybe one percent. If everyone was a pioneer, it'd make things a lot easier. But that's not the case. And there's a price that comes with being a pioneer, but I would not expect anything less because that's who I am."

What Does He Want to Accomplish With The Character?: "I really hope this character helps troubled teens, be it [those struggling] because of their race or their sexuality. If this character makes life even just a little bit easier for someone else, then I'll be really happy."