Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- Sarita hasn't been used much as of late because she is one of the higher paid women on the TNA roster. With the exception of a few performers, most talent are solely paid when they are used. She has has been competing in Mexico in the meantime.

-- Shark Boy's contract with TNA is set to expire soon and many feel it will not be renewed. Though he has only worked one television match dating back to last year (a squash match loss to the debuting Brutus Magnus), he is still used at house shows as either a wrestler or referee. There was talk of having him come back unmasked as a backstage announcer, but it appears unlikely at this point.

-- Taylor Wilde's contract with TNA is expiring soon and there is talk it may not be renewed. She, along with Sarita, have been sparingly used since dropping the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship this past January. Wilde is apparently not happy about not being used lately.