— Lacey Von Erich opened up an official website, which you can check out at https://lacey-ve.com/

— TNA is live Monday for iMPACT!, and tapes Tuesday night for the following Monday.

— For what it’s worth, TNA iMPACT! not only lost to RAW this week in the ratings but they also lost to AM RAW, which scored an 0.7 rating. AM RAW airs after midnight on Saturday nights.

— TNA star Rob Van Dam posted a message on his site (RobVanDam.com) with a glowing review of his time in TNA thus far. Here’s part of what RVD wrote: “To counter any negative energy that may be out there, concerning TNA in any matter, let me just tell you that I am loving it there. The reasonable work schedule, the doable travel, the people in and behind the scenes, the growing situation, the excitement from the crowd, the unstoppable path to the top I’m on, love it all.”