Various News & Notes: Bobby Heenan, Lex Luger's Health, & More

-- In a video promoting the upcoming Promolast Atlanta Reunion Pro Wrestling Fanfest on June 4th and 5th, Lex Luger answered fans' questions regarding the level of exercise he can do at this stage of his life after suffering a debilitating spinal stroke which led to temporary paralysis. Regarding his health, the three-time world champion says he has fully recovered as he is able to work out at gym just as he did before, though with less weight. His daily routine also includes cardio, which he does after lifting weights. Regarding the possibility of returning to the ring to wrestle again, he said: "I don't think I'll be throwing people from the Torture Rack or bouncing around the ring anymore, but I might step foot in a ring! So, I guess literally, whenever it be in a wrestling ring again, maybe to say hi to the fans and pay my respects or whatever, but I don't know about a wrestling match. But you never know, only the good lord knows that. Never say never on that."

-- Bobby Heenan is set to be inducted into the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame, which already features such honorees as Ric Flair, Jack Brisco, Sam Muchnick, Dory Funk, Jr., and King Kong Bundy. "The Brain" will likely be presented the plaque when he visits St. Louis for TNA's "Night of Legends" event the night before Lockdown. Heenan will be the only manager in the Hall of Fame since he was the only manager during the "Wrestling at the Chase" era.

-- Austen Duncum, son of former WCW wrestler Bobby Duncum, Jr., passed away last Thursday. Duncum, Jr. died of an accidental overdose of a prescription painkillers on January 24, 2000 while recovering from reconstructive rotator cuff surgery.

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