WWE Roster Updates, Swagger-Batista, Kanyon Note, Cena, More

-- Jack Swagger is now listed as part of the SmackDown! roster since winning the World Heavyweight title. However, Batista is still listed on the SmackDown! roster despite only appearing on RAW since winning the WWE title from John Cena.

-- Jonny Fairplay from Survivor, Jessie Godderz and Nick Starcevic from Big Brother, Sabu, Kip James, Charlie Haas and Eugene will all be appearing for WFX in Winnipeg, Manitoba on April 16.
-- Gene Kiniski's cancer has spread to his brain, and he is no longer eating. A little over a month ago Kiniski acknowledged that it was just a matter of time for him, and said that he loved his life but wasn't happy with the way he was going to exit.

-- A short note about the death of Chris Kanyon can be read ay NYDailyNews.com. His friends say he was found next to an empty bottle of antidepressants, and that he left a note of apology for his family.

-- John Cena appeared on True Jackson last night on Nickelodeon. He played an actor who had been in a bad action movie.

-- A story on a questionnaire sent to Linda McMahon a year ago when she was nominated for the school board in Connecticut is available here. She answered "No" to the following questions:

1) Have you been publicly identified, in person, or by virtue or an organizational association, with a particularly controversial national, state or local issue?
2) Have you submitted oral or written views to any governmental authority or the news media on any particular controversial issue other than in an official government capacity?
3) Have you ever written any books or articles?
4) Have you ever had any association with a person or group or business venture which could be used, even unfairly, to impugn or question your character and qualifications for the requested appointment?
5) Is there anything in the past involving you or any member of you immediate family which would be a source of embarrassment if it were to become public knowledge?

She included a letter from her attorney to explain that, for the last 2 questions, there was an investigation and trial related to Titan Sports in the early 90s, but she was never investigated or charged. Also of note is that Linda wrote articles for WWE Magazine under the pseudonym Linda Kelly. She stated that she thought the question applied to articles written outside WWE, and that the articles she wrote were about WWE and its storylines.

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