Breaking News: Randy Orton Injured (Shoulder)


Randy Orton reportedly dislocated his shoulder during his match with Edge tonight at Over The Limit. There were a swarm of medics checking him out backstage immediately following the bout.

As Orton was pounding the mat teasing the RKO, he could be seen noticeably wincing in pain. The referee then motioned the "X" signal and both wrestlers went outside the ring. Edge continued the bout by kicking Orton, avoiding working over his upper torso. Edge then tried spearing Orton, but Orton moved out of the way and Edge crashed into the barricade. The bout was ruled a double count-out. Following the ruling, Jerry Lawler speculated that Orton had suffered a shoulder injury, given that Orton has a history of shoulder problems.

Jim Ross, who is watching tonight's show, noted the following on his Twitter account regarding Orton's injury: "Looks like WWE may have lost another huge star as Orton's got an arm injury which was obvious from watching ppv. Bad deal."

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