As noted earlier, tonight's big announcement on TNA is that the company will be moving iMPACT! back to Thursday nights.

Spike TV will be airing TNA Reaction as the lead-in for iMPACT! every Thursday night. Reaction will air at 8PM EST each week while iMPACT! will return to it's 9PM EST time slot. The pilot for Reaction aired a few weeks ago on a Monday night before iMPACT! and featured a "backstage look" at TNA.

TNA iMPACT! will still be taped on Monday and Tuesdays in Orlando, FL.

As noted earlier, TNA will be making a major announcement tonight but it's unknown if the TNA Reaction news is a part of that announcement.

As noted earlier, this is obviously a smart move for TNA for the long-term future of the company. The plan is to continue to build up the Thursday show and then re-evaluate things at a later date. If/when ratings increase on Thursday, they could always move back to Monday but it won't be anytime soon.