Michael Bauer sent this report in:

Attendance is estimated at around 1500.

- The Briscoes d. Kenny King and Rhett Titus. King and Titus get into a shoving match after the bout and almost come to blows but bro it up in the end.

- Erick Stevens d. Grizzly Redwood in a surprisingly good match. Post-match Grizzly gets double-teamed only to be saved by...BALLS MAHONEY!

- Sara del Ray d. Awesome KONG~! after a shot with Chris Hero's loaded elbow pad and a German suplex. Several "f--k TNA!" and "f--k you Bubba!" chants in this one.

- Christopher Daniels d. Eddie Edwards via Best. Moonsault. EVAR! Great match. Daniels got on the mic post-match and put Edwards over as one of the best.

- The return date to NYC will be September 11, and Jim Cornette says TERRY FUNK will make an appearance.

- Austin Aries is out to say he got his manager's licence and looks like he won't compete. He then calls out Delirious and Daizee for an apology. He admits the throat injury was on purpose and gives Daizee a flower. So where is this going? Aries gave Delirious "golden snack cakes", which the crowd ate up. He then asks to be Delirious' manager. Delirious creams him with the mic and we have the match after all. Delirious gets DQd for choking out Aries after 5 minutes. King and Titus attack afterward which ends up with Delirious needing to save Daizee from a spike piledriver.

- Kevin Steen d. Colt Cabana: Steen is busted open in 10 seconds. Cool spot 1: Colt goes for flying asshole. Gets caught and dumped to a table on the floor. The table didnt break. A fake Generico comes out and Corino brings out the barbed wire bat. After Cabana uses it, Steen low blows Cabana with it. Steen with a package piledriver onto the bat. Steen then uses it to apply a crippler crossface. Cabana can not answer a 10 count. Steen wins in an overall much tamer match than Chicago was.

- Kings of Wrestling defeat the Motor City Machine Guns to retain the Ring of Honor tag team titles. Insane match with a s--t ending. Briscoes came out and attacked the Kings for the dq. Then Sara del Rey eats a J-driller. Crowd totally s--tting all over the Briscoes.

- ROH champion Tyler Black pinned Roderick Strong. They started out slow. Crowd was with Strong early. Black caught him with a dropkick and began working on the shoulder and arm. Strong dropkicker Black's legs out from under him when he was on the apron. Outside, Black came back to throw Strong into the railing. Strong picked up Black in a backbreaker and threw him at the apron. Ouch. Strong brought him back into the ring and continued the assault using backbreaker variations. Black fired back with a punch but Strong snapped off a dropkick. Strong pulled Black outside and suplexed him off the apron to the floor. Strong hit a back suplex onto Black while they were outside on the apron. Tyler made a comeback with a neckbreaker and a kick to the chest. He nailed a standing shooting star press for a two count. Tyler tossed Strong over the top and hit a tope con hilo. Strong came back with a reverse suplex. He nailed several clotheslines and a sit down bomb for a two count. Black came back with a running forearm smash and tied Strong to the tree of woe. He hit a double stomp off the ropes. Strong came back with a Boston Crab. Black nailed a fisherman's buster with a cradle for a two count. Strong came back with a massive leg lariat for a two count. The ref was accidentally caught with a Black superkick. Strong nailed the Gibson Driver for a two count. Strong grabbed a second ref. Black nailed a powerbomb into the corner..sandwiching the second ref then a superkick for a two count. Strong nailed an over the knee backbreaker. A third ref was then bumped out. The original ref began to rise as they battled back and forth. Strong nailed another backbreaker for a two count. Black caught a charging Strong with a superkick. Strong came back with the Gibson Driver but it was only a two count. Strong was pissed about the count. He pulled Black to the ropes but Black fought him off. Black superplexed Strong and scored the pin. They brawled after and Strong promised this wasn't the end for him.