Duggan/Doink Shoot?, IMPACT, RAW, Val Venis' School, More

Partial Source: Pwinsider

– HDNet has come to an agreement with Comcast to air in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Detroit, Seattle and Portland, OR. The station will come to those markets later this year.

– TNT just beat out USA for the win in the prime time ratings race last week, with a 2.2 average to USA's 2.1. SyFy was at 15 with 0.8 and Spike failed to break the top 25 for the second week running. Raw's 2 hours placed at 5 and 11 for the week, with 3 NBA playoff games and an episode of Spongebob beating it out. A Cleveland-Boston game topped the list at 4.0. RAW did not make the top 10 in the 18-34 demographic, and came in at 6 and 9 in the 18-49 group.

– UK ratings for the week ending May 2 show iMPACT! with 105,000 viewers on the first airing and another 48,000 for the replay an hour later. RAW did 123,000 live and 45,000 for the Thursday replay, while SmackDown! drew 101,000 viewers. Superstars had 44,000 and a replay of WWE Extreme Rules had 75,000 viewers tune in.

– An article on Sean Morley opening a wrestling school is available at https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/

– At an independent wrestling show in New York on Saturday, a match between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Matt Borne (who wrestled as Doink in WWF) turned into a shoot fight. The situation between the two arose when Hacksaw, who was to go over in a five-minute match, tried to tell Borne how the match was going to go, up to the spear that would end the match. Generally when two wrestlers have similar experience, the heel will call the match. Borne felt disrespected by Duggan's attitude and by the time the match started, things had degenerated to the point that Duggan kicked Borne flush in the face. A short clip of the precursor to the incident is below: