Eric Bischoff Ripped By, Melina Note, April Hunter's Return

-- The WWE website has posted a "Where Are They Now?" feature on former Four Horseman manager J.J. Dillon. Dillon, now 67, noted he now resides in Delaware where he works for the department of corrections as a corrections officer. He also discussed his time in World Championship Wrestling, saying while the money was great, he was miserable working for them. He takes Eric Bischoff to task.

"[Eric] Bischoff had his agenda and I wasn't necessarily in sync with what he was doing," Dillon said of WCW's former President. "I was the one person who could expose him for somebody who knew absolutely nothing about the wrestling business. Instead of tapping into me as a resource, he went around me."

Though WCW had some profitable years in the late '90s, he could see issues with management that would present serious problems in the future. "I knew what was going to happen, but nobody wanted to listen. They looked at me like I was crazy."

-- Melina is currently featured on Undateable, a five-part series currently airing on VH1 counting down the "Top 100 gaffes guys make that repel women." You can catch the entire countdown tonight starting at 6:00 p.m. The series will air throughout the next week.

-- April Hunter wrote on her Facebook page that one of the "big two" wrestling companies contacted her this week. However, problems arose when they requested she get medical clearance first. "So, one of the "big two" wrestling companies contacted me this wk," Hunter wrote. "But I was asked to go to my own doc & get medical clearance first (they wont cover that). Most "healthy" wrestlers wouldn't be given medical clearance 4 the GYM, let alone in ring the way lawsuits work in the USA. Don't have a doc. I use Robitussin...prolly wouldn't need a job if I could afford health ins in the 1st place."

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