Howard Stern Hosting RAW Rumor, Flava Flav-Meatloaf, More

-- WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new batch of answers to fan questions at his website, Ross addressed a rumor going around that radio personality Howard Stern will be hosting an upcoming episode of WWE RAW. Ross wrote, "Howard would likely do a helluva job hosting Raw if he were to want to do it. Stern obviously is a huge star who has his own vehicle to promote his guest shot." Not sure where this rumor came from but we never reported it here on this website.

-- MTV's website has posted a review of Monday's WWE RAW, which featured guest host Flavor Flav and an unadvertised appearance by singer Meatloaf, who has a new album out today. "Sadly, Meat and Flav never had any sort of overlapping segments, which would have made for delightfully strange television." Visit for the full episode recap.

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