Kane Defends WWE's PG Rating, Massaro/London Note, RAW

-- In a recent interview, Kane was asked about WWE's decision to go PG. His answer: "I think it is good. When you watch a lot of TV, you see there is a lot of graphic stuff. You don't want your kids watching (violence) like 'The Sopranos.' Some of the hardcore fans may be disappointed, but I think it's great we're getting more families to come out."

-- A new website for booking wrestlers has opened at https://prowrestlingsuperstars.com/ Ashley Massaro, Paul London, Jimmy Wang Yang, and Michael Shane have already signed on with the company.

-- WWE and RoadRunner Records are holding a contest for each RAW taping in May and June. The winner will win 2 tickets to that week's show and a Nickelback prize pack. More information is available at https://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/

-- An interview with The Great Khali is available at https://www.mid-day.com/ One of the questions asks why he would go into farming after leaving wrestling instead of opening a wrestling school.

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