In an interview with, Madison Rayne discusses how it feels to hold the Knockouts title, working with Tara, prospective talent, whether she plays video games, how she entered the wrestling industry, and more. She was also asked whether she’s disappointed not being on Monday nights anymore.

“As long as we’re still getting our spot on national TV I think everyone in the company’s got something to be proud of,” Rayne told IGN. “But personally I think it’s a good move to go back to Thursdays. I don’t feel like we jumped back to Thursdays because we were “running scared” like a lot people have been saying. Or because we couldn’t keep up with the competitor. I don’t think it was that at all.”

“Dixie Carter and the office at TNA talked to the fans and reached out to the people who were important and helped, over seven years, put us where we are. For the most part, wrestling fans are wrestling fans, so TNA being on Monday night was going to hurt both companies. Whereas if there’s a night for the other product – a separate night where TNA can shine – the wrestling fans are going to be happy because they’re going to get to see wrestling almost every night of the week now. I think it’s a good move.”