Source(s): & Wrestling Observer

For those unaware, Hamada’s contract with TNA will be expiring soon as the contract she signed last year was a one-year deal. is reporting that it’s been said that it’s highly unlikely she will be retained considering she is one of the higher paid women on the TNA roster and creative currently has no plans for her.

Meanwhile, there is talk of using Sarita more. Like Hamada, she is one of the higher paid women on the TNA roster, but hasn’t been used much as a result of her high-end salary. With the exception of a few performers, most talent are solely paid when they are used. They usually make around $250 per shot and that doesn’t include travel/food costs. When you break it all down, that’s amazingly low.

As noted earlier, TNA will be making a lot of budget cutbacks this week. According to a source, the cuts would be made to the company’s bloated talent roster, which boasts approximately 70 performers these days. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a wild week backstage within TNA. Stay tuned as things could get interesting this week!