Report: Officials Recommend TNA Fire 15 To 20 People

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA is reportedly going through a lot of cost-cutting measures although nothing has been specifically said other than they are happening. Only one person has been let go at this point, ring announcer David Penzer, and it wasn't cost-cutting as much as just him having heat and him claiming he was 'burnt out' as an apparent excuse.

What is known is that those close to TNA president Dixie Carter recommended an extensive list of talent 15 to 20 names to be cut. Thus far, Carter has refused to cut those requested since she doesn't want talent who have been loyal to the organization be unemployed in these uncertain economic times.

Nonetheless, the company has greatly increased its payroll since last year, and most business aspects are either the same or down, with the exception of a huge increase in merchandise sales at live events.

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