Report: WWE's Big Twitter Plans + Stacy Keibler In Maxim

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- Stacy Keibler once again made the Maxim Hot 100 list, coming in at #82. She was the only wrestling related lady on the list. You can check out the list at

-- The subscription portion of has an article up on WWE Films. In the article, it states that WWE plans to release 9 films over the next two years.

-- Eric Sturrock sent this one in: On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wiig & Jim Cramer were on. Fallon talked about Wiig being in the NY Times talking about hosting WWE as MacGruber. She said it was a lot of fun hosting it. Fallon said they made the TV rating go up when they hosted. When Cramer came out he told Wiig she helped the WWE stock go up 50 cents because of the NY Times article. He said WWE is a great stock (he's friends with the McMahons & Donald Trump).

-- Look for WWE to mention Twitter more on TV from here on out. According to a source, WWE has big plans for Twitter and is wanting all of the main eventers to be on it. This is a complete turnaround from what WWE management had been saying before about Twitter.

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