TNA Sacrifice: Rob Terry Vs. Orlando Jordan (TNA Global Title)

- Tenay and Taz talk a bit about the Abyss/Wolfe match coming up later tonight and apparently the police are in the building investigating Wolfe and Chelsea for filing false police reports.

TNA Global Championship Match
Rob Terry (c) vs. Orlando Jordan

Orlando Jordan is the first man out to the ring, he's lowered down on a trapeze, with what looks to be no safety equipment hooked up. He gets no reaction. Rob Terry is out next, coming right out, and Jordan is right on top of him. Terry fights Jordan back into the corner and buries his shoulder in Jordan's midsection before beating him around the ring and hitting a giant hip toss. Terry clotheslines Jordan in the corner and almost takes Jordan's head off with a huge lariat. Terry hits a big back body drop and splashes Jordan in the corner before hitting a big side slam. Terry goes for the pin and gets two. Terry tries for another back body drop and catches a boot to the face, and Terry replies with a spin kick.

Terry clotheslines Jordan to the entrance ramp, where Jordan tries to crawl away, but Terry takes him back to the ring and tosses him over the rope. Terry hits a running powerslam that's good for another two count. Jordan begs off for a bit, and when Terry goes for a kick, Jordan catches Terry's foot, hangs it up on the ropes, and kicks it before slamming him to the mat. Terry kicks and wrenches away at Terry, working over his leg. Jordan rolls to the outside and wraps Terry's leg around the ring post. Back in the ring, and Jordan contines to focus on the knee, driving his own knee down into Terry's knee before just punching away. Jordan tries for a couple of submissions but Terry fights him off, so Jordan goes back to working on Terry's knee.

Terry tries to crawl to the ropes, but Jordan stops him and stomps on his midsection. Terry fights him off again, but Jordan goes right back to work, hitting Terry with punches to the face before turning back to his knee. Jordan hits a knee drop with a really stupid set up and goes for a mounted pin, but only gets two. Jordan climbs up to the middle rope and pulls down his knee pad, but when he goes for the knee drop, Terry moves out of the way.

Terry gets up to his feet, where he hits the freak buster out of nowhere. He pins Jordan and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Global Champion: Rob Terry

As Terry makes his way to the back, Orlando Jordan charges up the ramp and attacks him from behind. Jordan sets the title belt down, turns Terry over, and slams his knee down into the belt. Jordan grabs the Global title, and throws it down on top of Terry.