Backstage TNA Reaction To Bryan Danielson's WWE Firing, More

– The talk among the TNA roster is that they feel the Bryan Danielson-WWE firing is a shoot and that they feel Danielson was left "holding the bag" for something that wasn't his fault. According to one performer, they feel that it will not stop people from going to work for WWE. They say that many have dreamed of working for WWE since they were kids, and that they pay well. They also know the moment they walk into the company that they are on borrowed time.


– The RAW replays on Universal HD have been airing the NXT beat down, complete with Bryan Danielson choking Justin Roberts with his tie. It also aired on the RAW replay on Telemundo. Considering Danielson was reportedly fired for this, WWE isn't rushing to remove it from TV.

– Jakks Pacific's Marketing Director of Boys Entertainment Michael Wilde has confirmed that the company has signed a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The deal will allow Jakks to use the NJPW name, logo, and championships in their forthcoming Legends of Wrestling action figure set. The deal opens the door for the company to do New Japan wrestling action figures, but the company would have to sign the wrestlers on an individual basis. The first figure in the legends line under the New Japan deal will be the NJPW era Hulk Hogan action figure. Jakks also has deals with TNA and the NWA.