Booker T Rips Batista Going Into MMA continues to stay on top of the Batista-MMA story. This morning they posted quotes from Booker T on Batista's chances in the sport.

Booker told the celebrity gossip site that Batista didn't "match up" with the fighters in Strikeforce. He went on to note that Batista wouldn't "last 5 minutes" with another WWE-turned-Strikeforce fighter, Bobby Lashley.


Booker T and Batista were famously involved in a fight during a commercial shoot for SummerSlam 2006. That altercation began when Booker confronted Batista about calling members of the SmackDown! crew "lazy" in a media interview. The argument escalated, with the escalation being attributed to Batista, as Booker reportedly wanted to walk away at some point. The two then went into a separate room and began fighting.

The fight was quickly broken up, but despite being on the bottom, Batista urged his fellow wrestlers to let the two continue. Batista once again ended up on his back, and wrestlers then broke it up for good.

During the breakup, Batista insinuated that Booker T was responsible for younger talent being held down in the locker room, but no one agreed. In fact, Bobby Lashley personally noted that Booker was instrumental in helping him grow as a performer.


Vince McMahon later took the two aside and forced them to talk through their differences.

For more details on the backstage scuffle between Batista and Booker from our 2006 report, click here.

Source: TMZ