Even More On Bryan Danielson's Firing

As noted last night, the word within WWE is that the firing of Bryan Danielson is a legit firing. All of the higher ups within WWE were informed of the firing before the item was posted on WWE.com. This appears legit and he's gone.


According to a report on F4WOnline, Danielson's firing may have been due to his actions on RAW this past Monday night, in particular his choking of ring announcer Justin Roberts with his tie. Apparently the choking was too violent in today's PG-era. That part of the show was edited from replays. Danielson also spit on John Cena during the angle, which was also edited from replays of the episode, which may have been the icing on the cake.

Danielson posted the following on his Twitter last night? "Just changed my twitter name to Bryan Danielson. The winds of change are stirring."