Full WWE Supershow Results (6/19): Madison Square Garden

Credit: Mike Johnson and Pwinsider.com

WWE returned to a sold out Madison Square Garden for a WWE Supershow house show.

*WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston pinned Drew McIntyre. Kingston opened up early with a flurry of offense including a tope through the ropes on McIntyre. Drew came back and began working on Kingston's shoulder. He slammed it into the ringpost while outside the ring. Kofi kept trying to mount a comeback but Drew would cut him off and go right back to the arm. Drew came off the middle rope but Kofi kicked him in the face. The crowd was hot and began chanting for Kofi, who began fighting back. They exchanged strikes in the center of the ring until Kingston came back with kicks and punches. Kingston scored a two count after a sunset flip. He scored another after a high cross bodyblock off the ropes. Drew snapped Kofi's hurt arm to score a two count but Kingston came back with a Side Russian Legsweep. He nailed the Boom Drop and went for Trouble in Paradise but Drew backed into the corner. He tossed Kingston outside onto the apron and brought him in with a belly to back suplex. Kingston turned and nearly covered him but Drew kicked out. Drew hit a back suplex for a two count. Kingston came back with a swinging DDT for a two count. He peppered Drew in the corner with punches but was caught with a running powerbomb. Drew grabbed Kofi, who surprised him with Trouble in Paradise for the pin.


Drew attacked Kofi immediately after the match but Matt Hardy hit the ring and nailed a Twist of Fate. Referees and security chased Hardy out through the crowd.

As Drew was leaving, Hardy showed up again from the locker room and threw him back in the crowd, where he and Kingston laid out Drew. Hardy was again chased out of the Arena.

Real, real good match and a fun post-match melee.

*Christian and MVP defeated Luke Gallows and the mystery member of the SES (Joey Mercury). Serena was with the SES. Mercury looks to be in awesome shape. The SES dominated Christian early. Christian came back with a missile dropkick on Gallows and tagged in MVP. Fans began chanting for MVP immediately. MVP and Gallows went back and forth but Gallows soon overpowered him. The SES tagged in and out, controlling MVP. Christian tagged in and went for a sunset flip on Gallows who was too strong to take over. Christian finally nailed a neckbreaker. Christian and MVP hit stereo planchas to the floor on the SES. The SES worked over Christian and Gallows scored several near falls. MVP was tagged in but the ref missed it, allowing SES to work over Christian. Mercury went to ropes and came off but was caught in a flapjack by Christian. MVP made the hot tag and nailed the Ballin' elbow on Mercury. He went for the Playmaker but Gallows attacked him. Christian came off the top with a flying bodypress. Mercury tossed him out. MVP hit the 305 and scored the pin. Another real good match.


*Kelly Kelly was introduced as the Guest Host for tonight. She asked a kid where the first Mania was and since he said NYC, he's the guest bell keeper.

*Kane pinned CM Punk. Serena was back out with Punk, who jawed with the fans as he came out. Ring announcer Tony Chimmel announced Punk as from the home of the Stanley Cup winners, so Punk won his belt. Punk took the mic and handed it to Serena. She demanded everyone sit down and show respect for Punk. Don't you usually stand up to show respect? Punk said he's the greatest thing to ever happen to the fans and they all know it. He said he was the greatest man to ever live. He did his straightedge is better than you and demanded to be respected and feared. Punk bailed when Kane came out. Kane worked over Punk early with punches in the corner, even pulling out a dropkick to the head. Kane held Punk up for a vertical suplex. Punk avoided a charge in the corner, then nailed him with punches. Kane went for the mask so Punk tried to get out of the ring. He springboarded back in but was caught for a chokeslam. Punk kicked Kane low and hit a sliding kick, knocking Kane off the apron to the floor. When Kane recovered, Punk hit another and worked over Kane on the floor. Punk cinched in a nerve hold on Kane's trapezoid but Kane made his way back to his feet. Punk nailed a leg lariat for a two count. He locked on a rear naked choke. Kane came back with a clothesline off the tope rope. He went for the chokeslam but Punk escaped and kicked Kane in the back of the legs. He covered Kane for a two count. Punk went for the GTS but Kane pulled his mask. Punk fixed it but was grabbed for a chokeslam and pinned. OK match.


*In a Fatal Four Way, WWE United States champion The Miz defeated Evan Bourne, R-Truth and Mark Henry. Miz took the mic before the match and said normally he would start talking but he realizes, what have any of the fans done for him. He said he's the United States champion and the fans don't deserve him, but he's the reason we are here. He said NYC will never have Lebron James and will never have a title. Fans sang along with his catchphrase and he ripped them for that too. Miz tried to make friends with Henry and when he got blown off, tried the same tactic with Truth. The three faces all agreed to partner up against Miz instead. Miz immediately powdered out to the floor. Bourne and Truth tossed him in and Henry flattened him. Henry missed a legdrop and rolled out. Truth and Bourne took turns nailing Miz. They nailed a double sliding kick on Henry. Miz and Truth are taken out and Bourne nailed dove off the top onto all three. It settled down with Miz and Bourne battling back and forth. Truth came in and nailed his cartwheel into a kick. Miz charged him into the turnbuckles and rolled him up for a two count. Miz worked him over and cinched in a side chinlock. Truth nailed a jawbreaker as Henry returned and clotheslined and headbutt everyone. Miz and Henry battled. Bourne went to the top and stepped over Henry into a clothesline on Miz for a two count. Truth and Bourne battled back and forth. Miz nailed a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count. Bourne broke it up. Henry covered Truth but Bourne kicked him as well. Henry dispatched Bourne. He nailed the World's Strongest Slam on Truth. Miz grabbed Henry who rammed him back backwards into the corner. Henry followed Miz to the floor. Bourne hit a 450 splash on Truth. Miz tossed him out and pinned Truth. Good match.


*In a No DQ match, WWE World champion Jack Swagger defeated The Big Show. Show nailed Swagger with a series of monster knee lifts early. Swagger went to the floor. Swagger went for a amateur takedown but Show reversed it. Show chopped him in the corner. Show smothered him in the corner by sitting on him. They played it for laughs, including Show trying to show the ref what he did. Show tossed Swagger out of the ring. When Swagger got up, he snapped Show's throat over the top rope then speared his knees from behind. Swagger worked over Show's hamstring but was kicked off. Swagger was right back on the attack and locked in a step over toehold. Show finally kicked him off. Swagger grabbed a chair and nailed Show across the back but Show slapped the chair out of his hands. He shoulderblocked Swagger and went for the chokeslam but Swagger escaped. Swagger grabbed his title belt and tried to walk out but was dragged back in by his hair. Swagger DDT'd Show on the chair but Show kicked out. Swagger went for the Vaderbomb but Show grabbed and chokeslammed him. Swagger got his foot on the rope at the last second. They went to the floor, where Swagger shoved Show face-first into the ringpost. When Show returned to the ring, he nailed Show with the World title belt and hit a Vader Bomb for a two count. He clotheslined Show. Kane hit the ring to his theme music. He dispatched Swagger and chokeslammed Show, then walked out. Swagger covered Show for the pin. Kane returned to chokeslam Swagger. Kane left them both laying. Show recovered first and chokeslammed Swagger for good measure. The match was about as good as you'd expect. Some entertaining spots and decent overall.


*WWE Divas champ Eve Torres & The Bellas defeated WWE Womens champ Layla El & Michelle McCool & Maryse. Santino was stretching forever while all the Divas waited. LayCool then did warmups for comedy including sprints across the ring until one of the Bellas tripped them. McCool controlled her early. The Bellas double clotheslined both Layla and McCool. Layla used several pinfall combinations on a Bella. McCool nailed a boot to the face of one of the Bellas while she was on the apron. LayCool nailed a double stroke on a Bella. The crowd began what I think was a "This is stupid" chant and began booing. They followed that with a "This is boring" chant. Eve and the other Bella were working the corner hard to get the crowd back. Maryse locked a rear chinlock on a Bella and raked her face across the mat. Bella made a tag to Eve, who clotheslined and dropkicker Maryse, then slammed her. She hit a somersault legdrop for a two count but LayCool attacked her. The Bellas ran them off. Eve hit a swinging neckbreaker on Maryse for the pin. Well, they all tried but the crowd didn't like it and you could see a lot of timing problems.

*They heavily plugged tomorrow's PPV since it isn't sold out.


Randy Orton pinned Edge. Orton got the biggest pop of the night by FAR for his entrance. They battled on the floor early. When they returned, Edge stomped the hell out of him. Fans chanted "RKO." Orton made a comeback and whipped Edge into the buckles but was kicked down when he charged. Edge continued to work on Orton as crowd chanted "Let's go Randy." Edge took him to the mat with an armbar. Orton fought back and nailed a clothesline and a powerslam. Edge came back with a big boot. Edge went to spear Orton off the apron but Orton caught him and pulled him over the ropes, then hit the hanging DDT for a two count. Edge came back with a clothesline and tried for the spear but Orton punted him. Orton went for the RKO but was shoved off. Edge went for the spear but Orton leapfrogged him and rolled him up for a two. Edge shot him into the corner but when he went to pull Orton off the mat, ate an RKO. Pinfall.

*WWE champ John Cena pinned Sheamus. They did the ring introductions after each made their entrance. Cena had second biggest pop of the night behind Orton but a sizeable amount booed him during the intros. They spent a lot of time feeling each other out early. Dueling chants cheering and booing Cena. Neither man could get an advantage early. Cena worked on Sheamus' arm but Sheamus went to the floor and kicked the ring steps in frustration. When he returned, Cena went right back to the arm but Sheamus reversed it and stomped the hell out of Cena. He worked Cena over with a series of rights and kicked him in the stomach. The crowd was getting behind Cena as he was selling the onsalught. Cena reversed a whip onto the corner and suplexed Sheamus. Cena went for his flying shoulderblock but Sheamus ducked and Cena flew to the floor. Sheamus whipped Cena into the railing at ringside. Sheamus drilled Cena over the chest. Sheamus kept working over Cena, who started to mount a comeback. He drilled Sheamus into the turnbuckles but missed a charge into the corner, hitting the ringpost shoulder first. Sheamus nailed a kick to the face but Cena kicked out. Sheamus and Cena traded punches but Sheamus cut him off with a clothesline for a two count. Sheamus hit a clothesline into the ring for another two count. He went for a tackle but Cena moved. Cena pulled himself to his feet. He went for the Attitude Adjustment but Sheamus turned it into a DDT for a two count. He whipped Cena into the buckles. Cena went out to the floor. Sheamus followed and pulled the ring steps over towards Cena. He whipped Cena into the stairs in the entrance aisle. They were nearly counted out as Sheamus dragged him back to the ring. Sheamus covered him for a two count. Cena came back with a series of shoulder tackles and a suplex, the five knuckles shuffle and went for the former FU. Sheamus escaped and hit the pump kick for a two count. He went for the Celtic Cross but Cena turned it into an STF. Sheamus got to the ropes. Sheamus kicked in the face for another two count. He went for the Celtic Cross but Cena slipped out and hit a shouldertackle.


Cena went to the top but Wade Barrett hit ringside. Cena avoided the kick and hit the Attitude Adjustment for the pin. Barrett attacked Cena, who grabbed him for a Attitude Adjustment. The NXT crew attacked Cena. Orton, Edge, Henry, Kofi, Truth, Bourne hit the ring and a huge brawl ended the show. In the end, the Raw brand stood tall. Great ending!