Jim Ross Blogs: The Owen Hart Lawsuit, RAW GM, & More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at https://www.JRSBARBQ.com/ Highlights are below.

On the Owen Hart lawsuit: Read on line about the Martha Hart lawsuit vs WWE. I am not a lawyer, have never played one on TV, and know zilch about this untimely legal matter. Nonetheless my personal opinion is that the timing of this legal posturing is questionable specifically as it relates to Connecticut politics. Plus, I have never recalled WWE ever doing any thing but honoring Owen's legacy and certainly not 'exploiting' it in a negative light.


On anonymous RAW GM: I like the idea of an anonymous GM but it does put some pressure to deliver a viable surprise when the day finally comes to reveal the mystery person or does it? The individual's identity wouldn't necessarily have to be revealed as far as I'm concerned.

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