Jim Ross News & Notes, Night Of Champions PPV, SD!, More

– Jim Ross has a new blog up (https://www.JRSBARBQ.com) with his thoughts on RAW and the Fatal Four Way PPV. Here's an excerpt: Monday Night Raw was more entertaining to me, as a fan/viewer, than was the Fatal 4 Way PPV. I thought Raw was really a solid outing throughout the two hours. Some have said that I have an ill advised, unhealthy mindset of enjoying seeing Mr. McMahon get physically dissected as he was by the NXT guys as Raw went off the air. (Apparently others in the locker room area felt the same.) Seriously, Raw was a really good show and I especially liked the elements featuring Randy Orton, Miz, Edge, Natalya vs. Tamina (Both have the heritage that I like and are both physical albeit 'green'), the aforementioned Jericho-Bourne match and the addressing of the new, anonymous General Manager (nice idea) along with furthering the TV development of the 7 NXT wrestlers. Pretty loaded night with a great deal of new info and the potential for several plot twists in the upcoming weeks.


– Jim Ross also has a new Q&A session up on his website.

– WWE has posted ticket information for the Night of Champions PPV. The show takes place on September 19th in Chicago.

– The internet pre-sale for the WWE Smackdown show in Newark, NJ on August 29th begins tomorrow at 9AM. The password for the pre-sale is SUMMERSLAM.

– WHNT Television in Tennessee recently had a story on an ad for the State lottery which featured Ric Flair. You can see the ad below.