John Cena Ready To Sign Petition To Get Bryan Danielson Back

As has been noted several times this weekend, Daniel Bryan's firing was due to pressure from an outside source following Monday night's angle. The choking with the tie and spitting in John Cena's face were the two main sticking points, and Vince McMahon is said to have had no choice.


John Cena took to his Twitter and expressed his dissent with the release, and said that he would like to sign a petition to get Danielson back in the WWE. Here is what Cena wrote on his Twitter:

"I am very upset to hear about the release of bryan danielson. Social networks were formed so people would have a voice, and an opinon. I know you all have your own, theories and whatnot. I respect that. I have never asked any of you to feel a certain way about me. But Bryan left a lasting impression on the wwe universe in a very short time, and although it came at my expense, I agree with the majority of you who are caught off guard by this choice.

"I know I'm not exactly appreciated by all, nor do I care to be, but I believe what I believe. I would like bryan to come back to the wwe. I would like to sign your petition to bring him back. I was taught to stand up for what I beileve in. I tried and failed, so I could Use some help. Tell me how to sign and I will. If for nothing else, to at least have a chance to have a match with him after what was done. I know that seems a bit more fair. Give me a chance to have a fair match with him, and give him yet another chance to prove that he does. That is what Hustle. Loyalty. And most importantly Respect means to me."