Live Notes From Tonight's"WWE Fatal 4 Way" PPV

-- Here are some live notes from WWE Fatal Four Way PPV:

* As of 7:40 the Nassau Coliseum looked about half full.

* They opened up the show with a Wrestlemania 26 music video.

* In a dark match to warm up the crowd it was Zack Ryder vs. MVP Ryder got a nice reaction since its his hometown. He announced on the mic that he was from Long Island and came here for years dreaming of being a WWE star. He said the difference between him and everyone else is he made his dreams real. He ripped on the fans and said they paid to see him and he's "paid to be me". MVP was hit with a shoulder block and taken down immediately by Ryder, who then played to the crowd. MVP nailed him with a right, then suplexed him for a two count. He peppered Ryder with rights. Ryder reversed an Irish Whip but MVP kicked him. MVP went up to the ropes but was pulled down by his feet. Ryder locked on a side chinlock. MVP fought back and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. He elevated Ryder and slammed him, then rammed Ryder into his knee. MVP nailed the Ballin' elbow but Ryder rolled out of the ring. He snapped MVP throat first over the ropes and nailed his finisher. Ryder pinned MVP. OK opener. Nice to see them give Ryder that moment. MVP chased Ryder to the back.

* They aired videos to promote the National Guard and the WWE Video game.

* They did the grand entrances for all the announcers - Michael Cole, Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler.

* At 7:55 It looks like like the building was 85 to 90% full.

* There was a sizeable Daniel Bryan chant right before the PPV went on the air.

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