Major WWE Fatal 4 Way Changes?, Y2J On RAW Tonight?, More

Tonight's RAW will take place from Charlotte, North Carolina and will be guest hosted by Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein and his buddy Big Show. No matches have been announced for tonight but it will be interesting to see how they continue the NXT invasion angle, especially now that Daniel Bryan has been released.


Chris Jericho was in Los Angeles last week filming ABC's new game show Downfall, which he is the host of. Jericho is expected to be on tonight's RAW.

There's a lot of speculation regarding what's going to happen with WWE's Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view as the event is less than one week away and only two matches have been advertised – the WWE Title match and the World Heavyweight Title match. There was some discussion about totally re-writing the pay-per-view after last week's NXT invasion on RAW but there's on word yet what they decided to do. We can report that major RAW creative team changes were made on Saturday. It's interesting to note that no guest host has been announced either for next Monday's RAW from Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Tyler Reks was on the road with the SmackDown brand this weekend, losing to Christian. Reks cut heel promos before the match and referred to himself as "T-Reks."