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-- WWE began a new major storyline at the conclusion of tonight's RAW. During John Cena's match with CM Punk, Wade Barrett made his way to the ring. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the season 1 NXT rookies made their way to the ring, all wearing black armbands with a yellow "N" on them.

The rookies proceeded to attack Punk and the SES and then surrounded the ring with Cena in the center. Cena decided to make the first move, and the rookies proceeded to beat the holy hell out of Cena. They went on to destroy the ring, the announcers, crew members and the announcer's table, leaving the whole ringside area destroyed.

It was an interesting angle, and may have been done simply to arouse curiosity for the premiere of season 2 of NXT tomorrow night. However, it does take away from the competitive aspect of the show, as what's the point of winning if all the rookies end up on the main roster anyway?

What were your thoughts on the show? Where do you think WWE should go from here? Let us know your thoughts below.

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