TNA Slammiversary: The Monster's Ball Match


Hemme with Hogan. Hogan rips on Sting for what he's done, what he did to Jarrett. No one should ever try to destroy a man's career. If one guy can hold his own, it's RVD. But Hogan's eyes will be on Sting, there won't be a repeat of last month, brother.


Monster's Ball Match
Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss w/Chelsea

Wolfe out to the ring with Chelsea in tow. Abyss out with weapons. Wolfe with a kendo stick, but it went flying. A boot to Wolfe's head. Abyss with a chair, Wolfe kicked it. Chair wedged into a corner. Wolfe almost into the corner, but then a sideslam from Abyss for two. Abyss under the ring and comes out with a chunk of plywood with rolls of barbedwire on it. Wolfe back on Abyss in the ring.

Wolfe ended up slamming into the chair head first. Abyss out for more crap. Wolfe kicks the ropes as Abyss comes back in, into a low blow. A couple trashcan shots to Abyss' head. Wolfe yells out to Chelsea who wasn't happy looking. Wolfe pulls a teddy wrapped in barbed out of Abyss' can. Abyss splashes Wolfe, both got the teddy to the gut. Abyss out to give Chelsea the bear. She takes it, confused. Abyss with his black bag.


It's full of broken glass Wolfe flees, he didn't sign up for this, dragging Chelsea with him. Abyss after them. Chelsea in Abyss' way and Wolfe attacks with a kendo stick. To the head, then chokes with it. Abyss into a wall, then up to announce. Abyss stops a kendo hit to the head and chokeslams Wolfe through the floor in front of announce. Wolfe shaking like crazy. Abyss gets Wolfe free and drags him back to announce. Wolfe back into the ring. Chelsea still holds the bear. Abyss pins, Wolfe grabs the ropes to break the count.

Abyss grabs the board with wire. Wolfe set up top and Abyss up too. Wolfe fights back and Abyss is the one who lands in the wire. Abyss shakes. He's all sliced open. Wolfe pins in the wire for two. Wolfe with a kendo and nails Abyss in the head, then shoulder. abyss ducks and gets Wolfe up for a shock treatment. Abyss pins for two.

Wolfe reverses out of a chokeslam. Wolfe slams a kendo into the back of Abyss' head. Abyss falls face first into the glass. Wolfe gets a two count. Blood in the glass. 'The is awesome' chants. Wolfe screeches at Chelsea for the purse. He gets it, but the knucks aren't in there. She has them! She throws them over Wolfe to Abyss. Abyss uses them and get the three.


Winner – Abyss