-- Tony Atlas, Skandar Akbar and Les Thatcher have been added to the NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte, NC this August.

-- WWE is advertising Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger and Big Show vs. CM Punk for their Australia tour in July and August.

-- Michael "Trent Acid" Verdi was laid to rest this morning in a small service in Philadelphia. R.I.P.

-- CZW and some of Verdi's friends in the wrestling are set to hold "Acidfest" in Verdi's memory on 7/10 at the ECW Arena. Matches and names scheduled so far:

*Da Hit Squad vs. The H8 Club
*Johnny Kashmere vs. Devon Moore
*B-Boy & Homicide vs. Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus
*A "Trent Acid" Battle Royal featuring a score of Acid's friends

For more info head to czwrestling.com.