What Happened After Fatal 4 Way - John Cena Speaks Out

Credit: Mike Johnson

After the PPV went off the air, John Cena took the house mic and addressed the crowd. Cena said that it appears there is a very black cloud shadowing over The WWE.

Cena said he will go home angry and upset, not because Sheamus is the champion because titles come and go. He's angry that the company and universe he fights for have been taken over on television and now a PPV. He said they think they can do whatever they want. He said he's still here and so are the fans.

Cena said there are fans here who have strong opinions on his ability to wrestle. He said all the noise is the noise everyone in the company have fought for over the years. He said that no matter what you think of him, he can fight. He promised to take on all seven each week until every single one of them fall.

Cena said he believes in WWE and all the stars who have earned the right to be here and he will not have that taken away. He said he will stay and fight and tomorrow is another day to fight. He said he prays those 'sons of b-----s' show up tomorrow, threw down the mic and left.

Source: PWInsider

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