WWE Fatal 4 Way: Divas Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

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Divas Championship Fatal 4-Way Match
Eve (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Maryse vs. Alicia Fox


The ladies went at it right away, and started going for pinfalls all over the place. Fox and Maryse were able to dump Kim out of the ring and double-teamed Eve. Kim was able to make her way back in the ring and got a submission on Fox, while Eve got an arm-bar on Maryse. Kim went and broke up Eve's hold and the ladies took turns applying arm bars.

Maryse and Fox were able to clear the ring of Kim and Eve and then argued for a bit before Fox shoved Maryse and Maryse then attacked Fox. Eve got back in the ring and truned her attention to Eve, but Kim hit the ring and took out both Maryse and Eve. Kim stayed on offense until she was dragged outside of the ring by Fox.

Back in the ring Eve hit Maryse with a neckbreaker and then hit a moonsault, but Fox got in the ring and threw Eve out and covered Maryse to win the match and the title.


Alicia Fox pinned Eve to win the WWE Divas Championship.