Ashley Massaro No-Shows Recent Event, Melina Talks About Return

Ashley Massaro was scheduled to appear at K&S Wrestlefest's "Heat Wave" event in Carteret, New Jersey this past Saturday, but no-showed the event. No reason was given for her absence and her whereabouts remain unknown at this time.


This is not the first time in which the former Playboy model has no-showed a wrestling convention as she bailed on a few bookings following her departure from World Wrestling Entertainment two years ago.

There are substance abuse rumors surrounding her but we'll hold off for now. At one point during her time in WWE she showed up to a TV taping "so messed up that she was sent home."

On another note, one very young girl went with her mother to Saturday's show specifically to see the former WWE Diva, but left after a few hours when they realized she was not coming.

– Melina did an interview with talking about her character, rehab and more. The interview was done before her expected return to FCW yesterday, which ended up being canceled. Here are some excerpts:


On her rehab: "Everything has been really tough. It's been strenuous. I always get worried because I'm thinking I'm not getting better quick enough. But after a while, I've just accepted the fact that it's going to take as long as it needs to take and I was really worried coming back this week to see what I can do."

On her character shrieking: "I admit, back in the MNM days when I would do that scream, I loved it? Seriously, I don't realize how much I do it. Sometimes, I annoy myself. It's just a natural thing. When I do really put something into it, I really do just kind of scream. It's just the way I throw a punch, like take this! I don't know why I do it."

On increasing her arsenal: "I've been brainstorming on certain things. I thought that this time around I'll have a couple of new stuff but at the same time whenever someone asks me 'what do you want to do' I'm thinking I have so many things. (laughs) And I keep adding and adding and adding. I have in my arsenal so much that I can never put it all into a match."