Carlito recently did an interview for Puerto Rican TV in Spanish where he talked about his desire to leave WWE and how he hid his depression by taking painkillers.

He stated that he had asked for his release several times over the past year as his contract was up in 2011, however was always denied. He admitted to giving up during the last year because he was not being used properly, noting that WWE is great if you are being used right but “sucks if you are not.”

He went on to admit taking painkillers, but said that most wrestlers do. He admitted to being upset with his father, WWC promoter and legend Carlos Colon, for talking about his drug usage without checking with him first. He said that he didn’t believe that he had an issue was pills and was simply taking them towards the end of his WWE career to mask his depression. He commented on Savio Vega’s recent statement about Carlito being a heroin user by saying that Vega was upset because Carlito was bigger in WWE than he ever was.

As for his future plans, he said that he had been contacted by “all the wrestling companies,” but was taking time off to recover. He noted that his brother Primo was happy in WWE and that he would not try and influence him over whether or not to stay. He finished by saying that he felt foolish for the last two years in WWE with all the comedy skits he was doing.

You can watch the two-part interview below: