Detroit SD! Taping Pre-Sale Code, WWE Promo For Survivor Series, Foley's Movie

– After their promotion with 7-11 for SummerSlam, WWE will partner with JC Penny for the Survivor Series. Fans can go to to enter for a chance to win a trip to Miami to attend the Survivor Series on November 21st. To enter, click here.


– The pre-sale code for the SmackDown taping on Sept. 14th at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan is SHOW. The online pre-sale begins this Friday morning at 10 AM. Kane vs. Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio for the World heavyweight championship is being advertised as the main event for the show.

– A site has been created for the short film "SAVAGE HOT BABE MASSACRE!" starring Mick Foley. The film is described as a high energy, non-stop action horror/comedy that will be presented in the classic "splatstick" style of the genre from the 70's and 80's. Foley plays the "Huge Psycho" that terrorizes a guy named Chuck. You can get more info about the movie by clicking here.